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Thursday, 16 January 2014

First plot ready to rotavate

I finished cleaning the weed off most of the first allotment so it's ready to rotavate as soon as it dries out enough. I will be going on to the next plot now so everything is ready to hit in one go.

I also bought a "Chillington" builders barrow today to move the top growth to the compost heap. The pneumatic tyre is a boon on the wet ground and is really easy to push around even on rough turf and soil with a full load.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Our Howard 200 rotator has arrived!

A bit of watching and waiting on ebay turned up a bargain Howard 200 rotator. It's not exactly new but it strikes up first go, runs like a watch, everything works and it's in exceptional condition for it's age. I have even bought some authentic Howard orange paint to restore it to glory in time!

Can't wait to get it on the plots when the soil dries out a bit.

I am clearing the plots of weed and will be ready to go cultivating pretty soon!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Will this be a repeat of last year

I am sure everyone is only too aware that we have been having a spot of rain lately. Rain and rain and rain. I recall last spring was frustrating for weeks as the ground was too wet  to do anything with and planting was quite late to get underway.

The heavy downpours in the last few days and weeks have left the plots waterlogged and far too soft to  dig or prepare in any way. Plus the grass paths are constantly wet preventing any grass cutting.

A few photos below of the new ponds and moats on the plots.