Thursday, 30 May 2013

A bit more progress

Today I prepared a pumpkin bed at the end of the new plot beyond the potatoes and set 4 plants under weed blanket. I probably didn't need to net them but I don't trust the gulls!

Also hoe'd the potato rows....

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Back to the wheelbarrow

Decided to progress the wheelbarrow project today, adding the legs and making up the wheel.

In place with the potted plants I think it looks good, needs to be finished, we are wondering about giving it a canal barge design......

Sunday, 12 May 2013

More planting

We put some peas and broad beans in yesterday. The first peas were raised in guttering to give them a start and then slid into place.  The rest were soaked overnight then planted straight into the ground. I used my smart new hoops which arrived this week, very impressive I must say.

The broad beans went into the middle bed and although I know that these do not usually need netting, I don't trust the local seagulls and pigeons an inch so they got netted too!

Back to the wheelbarrow for Trevor

Hi Trevor

The wheelbarrow has had to take a back seat while I got the new plot underway but I will be back to it again shortly. Meanwhile I have taken a few more pics to show that yes the sides are angled out at the top a little. Not much but I feel it makes the wheelbarrow look more attractive and increases the load capacity.

I have also included a pic of how the legs will fit on, this is just a thick piece of timber cut to the correct angle at the top and will be fixed to the barrow with coach bolts.

As for the wheel, I am making a wooden wheel in sections which is shown elsewhere on the blog to keep the Victorian look. This will fit on a tube running on a threaded shaft which will fit in a hole in the front rail where it comes apart, all held fast with large nuts and washers.

The wheel is designed to be removable quickly which allows me to fit a very non-victorian pneumatic wheel when I am using the barrow on rough ground and not just for display!

Good luck with your barrow and I hope you finish in time. I would love to see some pics when you have done.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spuds all done!

I managed to get the remaining potatoes in today in the new plot, I just hope that we don't get a repeat of last years blight as there are now loads planted. The remainder of the plot under the trees is earmarked for pumpkins....