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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Barrow progress

Cut and rough shaped handles..

and form the axle end....

Put it all together and it's starting to look like a wheelbarrow...

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Victorian Style Wheelbarrow

I have been very kindly given a large amount of dismantled pallet wood which is in excellent condition.  This has whetted my appetite to build something of use. I will be using some of it to extend my composter but I thought I would tackle a bigger challenge.

I have no wheelbarrow at the allotment and was considering buying one but the arrival of the timber prompted me to consider MAKING ONE!

So I am building my take on a traditional Victorian Wooden Wheelbarrow. 

I have not yet decided whether I will try to fabricate the wooden wheel as I have bought some very nice pneumatic wheels on eBay which would fit. 


This is where the idea was born... a rough sketch...

I then mapped out the side shape on thick card plotting the widths of the pallet planks.

Using this as a template I cut the 3 side planks for each side with a hand saw and electric jigsaw.

Then screwed supports around the edges.


after more timber cutting, drilling and screwing I have ended up with a fairly reasonable facsimile of the tub of the wheelbarrow, I will be smoothing and sanding the whole thing before treating the wood....

That's it for this afternoon. The next stage will be to construct and fit the handles and side rails. Then it will be time to decide on the type of wheel I am going with and to fabricate the axle mechanism. I have all the parts waiting to be cut and drilled etc.

Watch this space....