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Friday, 12 September 2014

plot clearing continues

On to the third plot which still has a few rows of spuds in. Hoping to have all ready for manuring in a few weeks.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Back to the plot

I don't know how other allotmenteers have seen this season. For ours it has been pretty dismal. A very long and wet Spring with parts of the allotment under water for weeks, then after getting on the plots to rotavate, weeks of very hot dry weather which baked the soil until a spade would hardly go in.

The plants seemed to suffer. with bean crops very poor, sweetcorn running to seed very quickly, courgettes, pumpkins etc. all producing very poor crop. the peas did produce a reasonable crop. The potatoes did quite well but then got hit with wireworm so lots coming up riddled with holes.

The fruit trees also failed miserably, the apple did not produce a single fruit.

I have been drawn away from the plots for several weeks but I am now getting back to get them under control. A couple of beds being cleared of top growth of weeds ready to winter dig.

Oh well I guess that's gardening, let's all hope for a better season in '15.