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Friday, 31 August 2012

Back from hols

Returned from 2 weeks in France to find much to be done. In addition to the weeding and removal of the tomato plants which had succumbed to blight while we were away there is the new overgrown piece to be tackled, acquired just before we left for our hols.

Today I went down with the petrol brush cutter to make a start, the brambles were 3-4 feet high over the entire ground, like deja vu of 8 months ago!

About an hour and I was well into chopping the brambles off, about 75 percent done however I ran out of petrol so will be returning to the task shortly. Then the laborious task of uprooting the bramble roots will begin..... ha...memories!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A bit of tidying up before we go away.

Slaving away this morning getting the plot to look as good as possible before we go on our hols at the weekend. 

A new 30cc Qualcast brush cutter/strimmer from Argos has proved brilliant. The blade attachment quickly deals with overgrown brambles on the adjacent plots and the line attachment keeps the grass and paths under control. I can go round the entire plot in about 20 minutes, I would thoroughly recommend the model, It starts easily and is well balanced to use with the harness and very powerful and effective on almost anything.

We have just heard that the council have agreed to let us take over the very overgrown odd-shaped plot alongside ours which means we can deal with the brambles and stop them encroaching on our plot. They grow at a fantastic pace left unattended.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Smug Soup

Things are growing thick and fast and today we harvested veg to make spicy soup, Frances is calling it "smug soup" as every single thing in it comes from the allotment and garden!

Meanwhile, this morning was spent weeding and clearing up before our hols in France at the weekend.